How you can Transfer Your Website Name to a different Website Hosting Provider

Maybe you have attempted to transfer your website name or website to a different website hosting provider and did not receive the aid of your present hosting company? This really is most likely because they do not wish to lose you and also their earnings. You have to select a reliable hosting company so that your website will function with maximum efficiency.

Good reasons to transfer your own domain name to a different website hosting provider:

Host didn’t deliver that which was guaranteed within their advertising

Slow or unresponsive tech support team

Hard to rely on service

Too costly

Only a little space and bandwidth for the website

Desire to switch from the Home windows server to some Linux server

Do not have all of the features required to host your site

How you can transfer your own domain name to a different website hosting provider

1. Look for a reliable website hosting provider

The most crucial features to consider inside a good hosting company are:

enough room and bandwidth for hosting your site

fast, efficient, knowledgeable tech support team

statistics of your website to trace the performance from the site

daily backups of the files

server is active 99% of times (1% required for server upgrades)

2. Improve your name servers

The name servers are utilized to point your website name towards the server where your site is going to be located. After joining your brand-new hosting company they’ll give back the brand new name servers. They may be like this:

ns1.yourdomain us dot com

ns2.yourdomain us dot com


Fundamental essentials steps for altering your company name servers if you are using Go Father as the website name registrar:

Sign in to your bank account together with your password

Visit domain manager

Look into the box alongside your website name

Click the name servers icon towards the top of the page

Look into the box that states “I’ve specific nameservers in my domains”.

Enter your brand-new name servers within the 2 boxes… nameserver 1 and nameserver 2

Click okay

Allow 24 to 48 hrs for that name servers to become activated. This time around is required for the domain to propagate on the internet. Perform a Whois lookup at Whois us dot internet to see if the name servers happen to be activated. If the continues to be effectively completed now you can upload your site files towards the server as well as your website can look on the internet.

3. Cancel your previous host

Only do that after you have transferred your website name towards the new host. Sometimes should you inform your old host you want to transfer to a different one which will not allow you to or are reluctant to do this because they do not wish to lose you his or her customer. Some website hosting providers will bundle the website name and hosting service together. By trying to maneuver to a different hosting company you might lose the website name. Within this situation your main choice is to register a replacement before transferring to a different website hosting service.